Cucumber Mint Bubble Scoop

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Fresh garden cucumber blended with the scent of freshly cut mint leaves for an extremely fresh and clean scent.

Cream Scoops, Bubble Bath Bombs, Bubble Scoop, Bubble Truffle. ... Infused with natural oils, shea butter, and cocoa butter these unique bath treats also soften and silken the skin as they entice you with a frothy bubbly bath time experience.

So much fun!! Use 1/2 to 1 scoop per bath. Bubble scoops will fill your tub with luxurious bubbles, amazing aroma will fill your bathroom and your skin will be hydrated and moisturized.


You can use either 1/2 of a scoop or a whole scoop and crumble it manually under running bath water; or place your crumbled scoop in a bubble pouch and hang on tub faucet to create lavish bubbles.

All scoops vary in size from 2.5-3 ounces.

One bubble scoop is included in the price.